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Like I mentioned in my OOC post, I've finally gone and updated the Breeding Center's selection. Of note are the following new species...

- Turtwig, Machop, Nidoran, Tirtouga, Kabuto, Caterpie, Combee, Solrock, Lunatone, Staryu, Houndour, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Cubone, Fennekin, Feebas, Noibat, Hawlucha, Cleffa, Mawile, Snorunt, Skiddo, Flabebe, Aaura, Ralts, Pawniard

In addition, Dratini is now eligible for the newbie freebie deal due to a few new dratini breeding pairs being added. All pairs have been updated, and some prices have been lowered.

For those who don't know, new characters are eligible for a free egg as well as 50% off all purchases for their first month. :D

I hope to add more new species in the near future. I just have to update some info and double check a few things with Sire.
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York's baseball deal is still in effect: Anyone who buys a ticket to a Goldenrod Granbulls game in advance can ask for a Snubbull egg free of charge, with the request that they take a selfie with the hatched Snubbull at said game. This offer will extend through the season until October, so there'll be a chance every month until then.

He's also got Meowth eggs that will hatch knowing Pay Day. Always a good thing to have.

As usual, he'll offer one egg for free to new characters, or for a trade.

Abra, Elgyem, Sneasel, Shinx (pre-hatched for your...convenience?), Deerling, Snubbull, and Meowth )
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...I can't believe spell check doesn't catch that. ANYWAY, the traditional posting of Botan's zombie goast eggs with some added monsters in there. Bonus round includes a chance for a shiny Pawniard or a shiny Sableye so yip yap yip. Except she's not asking for yens this time.

Misdreavus, Phantump, Pumpkaboo, Litwick, Gastly, Shuppet, Yamask, Snorunt, Pawniard, Gothita, Sableye, Duskull, Cubone, Amaura. )
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So Tobias decided to breed some Munna, and then bred some other things, too.

He uh. May have made some unwise pairings, because there are some duds in here. But he is giving away the Munna for free.

Munna, Espurr, Teddiursa, Pidove, Zorua, Amaura, Charmander, and Flaaffy. )
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So Ginti's finally decided to try his hand at the whole breeding thing; the result is...thankfully not a disaster? It could have been worse. Either way, he's got two sets of Feebas, Horseas, Goldeens, Misdreavuses (Misdreavi?), Litwicks, Skitties and Espurrs for all of you, since even in Pokéworld he's apparently not getting away from all the water, wandering souls, and cats.

Please note that he does not want monetary payment! Because no, that' However, he's going to insist that you answer some questions before he lets you have whatever it is you're getting; questions will be provided on the post itself. And seeing as he's not requesting payment, there is no get-out-of-paperwork-free thing for new people. Because apparently he's not satisfied unless he's being a pain in the neck in some way or another.

Current list up for sale is as follows:
It's a bunch of fish, ghosts and cats. )
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Roxas has been busy with breeding, so he's got some eggs to sell! Note, this list could have been a lot bigger... so he held back.

Swablu, Dratini, Eevee, Dedenne, Buneary, Zorua, Rufflet, Zubat, Pumpkaboo, Lapras, Buizel, Ducklett, and Pidgey )
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So North for the longest time has had a team full of BABIES that he wasn't comfortable breeding (and some literal babies that he couldn't). But now his babies are all grown up, and it's YOUR turn to have a team full of babies! Please. Take them. Take all of them.
Newbies can have one freebie, plus any additional eggs at half-price. He'll also accept egg trades, if you've got something he doesn't have. ...Also if you really want one, he can probably be convinced to give it to you, because he is a softy and he's not exactly hurting for money.

I'll put up an IC post probably Wednesday or Friday, and update this with a link when it's up. EDIT: IC post is here!

Happiny, Cubchoo, Eevee, Togepi, Flabebe, Dedenne, and Pichu within )
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In honor of baseball season's beginning in March, York will be making a proposition to Goldenrod locals and travelers alike: Anyone who buys a ticket to a Goldenrod Granbulls game in advance can ask for a Snubbull egg *~free of charge~*, with the request that they take a selfie with the hatched Snubbull at said game. He's only got four at the moment, but this offer will extend through the season until October, so there'll be a chance every month until then. There'll also be a chance for a shiny in future months; he didn't get any this time, but he'll note that the baby Snubs have a shiny father, so keep an eye out!

As usual, he'll offer most of these eggs for free to new characters, or for a trade. Dipper's also got one free pick of the offerings.

Abra, Elgyem, Meowth, Shinx, Sneasel, Snubbull )
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December is apparently a good time for eggs. Or maybe the Pokémon Luke didn't take on his badge quest missed him and decided to show their appreciation for his return, but either way, he has a bunch of eggs.

There are some power balloons, Dark cats, electricity-generating cats, and weaponized kittens to choose from, among others.

And of course, being a breeder, there are way too many. Hooray.

Charmander, Espurr, Growlithe, Igglybuff, Mareep, Meowth, Skitty, Torchic, Vulpix, Zorua )
As usual, Luke is up for trades of food/eggs/gifts if characters don't want to or can't pay. I'll try to get an IC post up this week sometime.
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sup friends. stan's got a shitload of eggs from his EXPERIMENTAL breeding he needs to get rid of that will go along with his next post. claim 'em here ooc and feel free to say something on the post i'll link this in. it'll be a great time.

get em for urself get em for ur friends just get them away from him. take as many as you like.

mostly ghosts

meowth, eevee, vulpix, gastly, pumpkaboo, duskull, spritzee, natu, murkrow, yamask )
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So Al woke up to find a whole crapload of Eevee eggs with no idea when or by who they were laid. After recovering from this, he decided to go ahead and breed up some of his other Pokemon to fund gift-giving this year as well! The Eevees are all for free, though one will be shiny and a few have some egg moves! Eevees are one per customer, and newbies will get a half-off discount on one other egg! I'm not planning on making an IC post about this, but if you want to thread it out hit me up and we can do that!

2 Cyndaquil, 3 Darumaka, 4 Vulpix, 1 Fennekin, 1 Gible, 1 Aron, 3 Amaura, 1 Dratini, 1 Lapras, 4 Golett, and TOO MANY EEVEE )
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So this kid was compiling his breeding for November and December, so the list is a little better? Yeah, he's getting better at it.

Noibat, Zubat, Zorua, Dedenne, Shinx, Rufflet, Swablu, this kid needs more variety )
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Hey, hey, help a dude pay for his shiny new acoustic guitar and get some cute egg-move-laden babies out of the deal. York is also happy to cut deals and/or offer freebies for new arrivals and/or trade eggs for eggs or eggs for Pokémon, since he's still new enough not to have a huge variety to pool from yet.

Elgyem x3, Abra x2, Growlithe, Shinx x5, Meowth, and Houndour x4 )
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Because why shouldn't Botan breed all her Fire and Ice types for the holidays?

Down side: A lot don't have egg moves

Up side: I rolled a chance for a shiny Sneasel in here so hey. Price is set at 500p for all of these, no limit per character (bc idgaf).

Snorunt, Amaura, Sneasel, Vanillite, Fennekin, Vulpix, Growlithe, Charmander, Torchic. )

IC post might or might not happen depending on coming days, but yeah, eggs!
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So! Naminé recently found out some eggs were had, and while they aren't very impressive, it's still not bad for a first go!

Skitty, Espurr, Minccino, Noibat, Pidgey, Vulpix, Buneary, and Fennekin )

Well then!

Oct. 5th, 2015 06:33 pm
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Roxas started out this time as a breeder, and even though it's a tiny little clutch, he's proud of these little things.

They aren't the most impressive eggs, but what can a first time breeder expect? HE IS MORE THAN WILLING TO GIVE AN EGG TO SOMEONE WHO JUST JOINED THE GAME. Just let him know you are new!
Swablu, Rufflet, Dedenne, Shinx, and Noibat )
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...Really, since it's October Botan will have it in mind to breed her Ghost types specifically for consumers out there. I mean if anything, they can send them to people they don't like for pranks.

She also got two Ditto recently. So bred even when she didn't expect or want it to happen. Unfortunately I didn't roll any shinies this time around so they're all normal.

IC post will go up later in the month so this is just a placeholder post to get requests in early! Botan will also accept egg trades, especially Ghost types that she doesn't already have. Why not.

Gastly, Pumpkaboo, Phantump, Spiritomb, Snorunt, Shuppet, Misdreavus, Yamask, Duskull, Sableye, Rotom. )
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Once upon a time, there was a paladin living peacefully in a lovely Celadon house with his very loving team.

And then the loving team became a little too loving, and peace went right out the window.

Amaura, Axew, Blitzle, Budew, Carbink, Castform, Caterpie, Chespin, Chikorita, Cleffa, Cubchoo, Deerling, Deino, Dratini, Ekans, Feebas, Finneon, Froakie, Goomy, Happiny, Heracross, Honedge, Houndour, Lapras, Ledyba, Lileep, Litleo, Litwick, Lunatone, Magikarp, Mienfoo, Nidoran, Omanyte, Onix, Petilil, Ralts, Shinx, Snorunt, Swablu, Tangela, Trapinch, Tynamo, Tyrunt, Vulpix, Wooper, Zorua )

Caterpies and Magikarps are P500; Carbinks, Lunatones and Tynamos are P1000; everything else is P1500. No limit per character or player, IC post to come this week right here! Get them while they're hot!
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So Chie got a little bored and decided that hey, since she's a breeder maybe she should try this whole making her Pokémon produce eggs thing. Egg moves and pricing are under the cut, and an IC post should go up within a few days.

Drilbur, Sandshrew, Solosis, Zangoose and Snivy. )
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